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A Swedish innovation of care products

There’s nothing like Nothing. A Swedish innovation that won awards for the patented content. The deodorant is based on three salts that together have a unique effect. It’s odour free, fits both men and women, and gives that exact effect you want from a deodorant.

The natural deodorant that works – There’s nothing like Nothing

Nice ingredients

Test contain more than 30 ingredients. Many of them questionable both for you and the environment. Nothing Deodorant contains no bad ingredients. It’s a natural deodorant consisting of water, 3 types of salts and 3 ingredients to stabilize and keep it fresh. We stand for each of our ingredients!

A deodorant without perfume

Nothing is friendly to the skin and a deodorant that doesn’t add new fragrance. It makes you smell nothing. Nothing is completely without perfume and removes sweat smell instead of covering it. A natural deodorant that is easy to combine with your favorite perfume!

How effective is Nothing?

Nothing makes you smell like nothing by eliminating all body odour for real. Three unique salts effectively removes sweat odour without clogging the pores and lets the skin breath naturally. Long term it can even reduce sweating. An effective natural deodorant without parabens, alcohol and aluminum.

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starting pack

Order our pack to get started, you will get one spray bottle and one roll-on deodorant of Nothing


Starting Package Price

Nothing contains nothing more


    Dr Organic
  • No Biocides
  • No Perfume
  • No Alcohol
  • Removes smell
  • No Aluminum
  • No Parabens

NOTHING helping people to live worry free while looking and smelling good with a pure conscience.


A Swedish innovationof care products

Start kit1 roll-on + 1 spray

Start kit includes

1 NOTHING deodorant, roll-on 75ml. Traditional wet roll-on

1 NOTHING deodorant, spray 50ml. Finger pump without aerosol or similar

1 NOTHING start kit box

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